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Peter Rusk, graphic designer, illustrator, Art Director, has over 25 years experience in advertising and design. He can help with design and production for anything on print, screen, web or display. A logo, a leaflet, a brochure, a press ad or a poster, a web button or a website. Illustration, animation, photo manipulation, exhibition displays and more.
ru5k? (a story behind the brand)
A brand name should be short, memorable and relevant. A four letter web address is hard to get these days. 'Leetspeak’, created by gamers and coders, uses numbers or symbols in place of letters, like Tak3n or Driv3r. The name 'rusk' was not available but ‘ru5k’ was -
It’s short - a long web address is a pain to type
It's memorable - especially once you have read this story and…
It’s relevant - a name with a typographic twist -
Peter Rusk - Graphic Designer - Rusk Design -
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